These Bold Nail Polish Colors

The way in which you color your nails allows you to express your feelings and inner self. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from so that you can always do just that! Bold colors are becoming popular as many celebrities set the trend for nail polishes with bright and vibrant tones.

This glittering lilac is soft, sweet and playful with a high dose of energy. It is the favorite color of Kelly Ripa’s daughter and bears a beautiful spring touch. Let a little girlish color glitter on your nails, and just see if you can stop yourself from smiling at the sight of it!

This azure blue will bring a little fun to any party. Bright and bold, wear this color to give your nails a unique style. Your azure nails will remind you of beautiful stress-free summer days spent beside the pool. Crème offers bright and beautiful colors which can be easily applied so you can dress to impress at any party.

This opaque celadon green blends in with the atmosphere of fall, but is nevertheless vibrant and daring. The color will no doubt turn heads and make your hands the envy of passers-by. This is a nail polish to bring out your femme fatale side. Use it wisely!

Deep cherry red like a good bottle of French Claret wine, this color is delicate, feminine and intense. The nail polish uses natural ingredients that will protect your nails from chipping, and the formula helps the color look fresh for a long period of time. This nail polish is perfect for any event and high-class party. Apply the color, wear your best dress, and let your hands shine between the crystal champagne glasses. Perfect!

The Vernis color pallet features classic colors and bold new ones that are perfect for any occasion. The color is bright and vivid thanks to an improved formula that uses bioceramics and ceramides. These natural ingredients keep your nails healthy and help the color last longer.

Inspired by the vivid New Orleans scene, this raspberry crème speaks to an adventurous French spirit and it is ready to energize your nails and your life. The color is vibrant and long lasting. Two coats of paint are enough to transform your nails from blah to wow!

The new YSL nail lacquer combines the glamorous with the practical. The new and improved formula beautifies and strengthens nails, and the color pallet is vibrant, bold and daring. The Vert Dorient we have chosen is perfect for fall fashion, without being too conformist. These colors may seem tame, but take them out and watch them shine!


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